What is SEO or Search Engine Optimization and why is it important?

Every business should or does have the goal, to become ranked number 1 in search engines for the keywords in the niche that they operate in. Why should this be the goal of every business? Because the number 1 rank means the most clicks on your website! And clicks or visitors translate into sales or some other kind of revenue. You can have the most beautiful, best converting site on the web but without visitors, no one will see it and there will also be no conversions/sales for your business.

According to a case study made by SearchEngineWatch the first place in Google in average receives a 36,4% click through rate! The second place on the other hand, receives only 12,5% in average which is almost a third less! So you can see that there is a big difference between being number one and number two!

In order to achieve high rankings in search engines, you need to have great on site and off site search engine optimization done to your site! But what is SEO really? It is a way of telling the search engines what your site is all about. Your keywords and content are the ones which tell Google and other search engines what they should rank you for. Off site optimization is achieved through gaining backlinks from other sites back to your sites. The more you have backlinks, the better the chance that you will rank high in search engines. This of course is a very simplified explanation of the rankings, because if backlink volume was the only value for search engine rankings, then all the spammers would be on number one places. The goal is to get backlinks relevant to your website/niche, those help the most. So in reality not only the quantity but mostly the quality of the backlinks has the most to do with your success in search engines. That is why we strive to deliver quality backlinks and not just big number of junk or spam backlinks to your sites, which is the case of most seo providers!

Would you like to know more about backlinks and how to get them? Then read our next article or order our service to start receiving cheap and quality backlinks to your website/s today!

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